Calendar of events

Calendar of the Demonstrations and Festivities of the Country
(O.T.S.I sources.: 0565211139 - fax: 0565245271)
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Walked of the producers of the Country Sunday morning of the 30.06 at 01.09.2003
Fairs the 2nd and 4th Monday of every Month all year round

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I hope that this translation will allow you to better discover Labastide-Murat and its neighboring villages. This site will give you information on local services, businesses, leisure activities, how to get here, our history, tourist sites.
In the meantime, please excuse me and if you wish to,
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and Remind yourselves, between Lot and Dordogne,
Labastide-Murat is to the Cœur of the Lot and the High Quercy!..

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